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All you need to know; from planning to what to expect when you reach! ​

Isla Marisol Resort is an authentic, rustic, and remote tropical island resort located 35 miles from the nearest mainland town. Accommodations are comfortably basic and do not offer televisions, telephones, or room service. There is no swimming pool, shopping, or spa service (though massage can be arranged in advance). Instead, the extraordinary Caribbean sea provides hours of entertainment and enjoyment, whether snorkeling, diving, kayaking, fishing, or simply relaxing.

The challenges of operating a remote tropical island resort are great.

The team at Isla Marisol relishes these challenges, and works extremely hard to ensure guests are privy to the most unbelievable experiences offered at Glover’s Reef Atoll.

Guests who express the greatest enjoyment tend to have a hint of adventurous spirit. On rare occasions an air conditioning unit or hot water heater fails and the technician can’t arrive for a day or two.

Short temporary blackouts are possible if the solar panel system experiences a power surge. These occurrences are not common, but can happen at any remote island resort.

a. Getting Here

1 How do I travel from the Belize City Airport to Dangriga?

Getting to Isla Marisol from Belize City is not difficult. The most convenient way to reach Dangriga from Belize City is by plane. The 20 minute commuter flight offers spectacular views of the Belizean coastline. Both Maya Island Air and Tropic Air fly to Dangriga. Isla Marisol coordinates transportation from the Dangriga airstrip to the boat at Gra Gra Lagoon, approximately 10 minutes across town. Air travel is not included in packages; however you can arrange domestic air travel through the Isla Marisol reservation office.

2 How do I get from Dangriga to Isla Marisol Resort?

The boat ride from Gra Gra Lagoon to Isla Marisol is 36 miles by sea, which takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on local weather and ocean conditions. The boat is scheduled to depart at 3:00 pm, though some flexibility is required to accommodate all travelers. Luggage travels to Isla Marisol in the boat and there is no access to luggage once it is stowed. A small bag with important items is allowed as a carry on during the trip.


3 What is the Boat Ride to the Island Like?

This is difficult to predict in advance and of course depends on local weather and ocean conditions. Experienced boat captains make the crossing in all types of weather, though safety is always the number one consideration, and rarely a crossing must be postponed. There is no guarantee the transfer boat will be covered, so be sure to pack a hat, sunscreen, and windbreaker or light rain jacket.

There are many islands to see on your way out.  You may see flying fish, dolphins, turtles and a variety of boats and fishermen.


4 What happens if there are last minute delays and changes?

In the event of a delay, notify Isla Marisol Resort as soon as possible using the listed email or phone number here you can also use chat option on the website. Isla Marisol can sometimes accommodate last-minute schedule changes, but travel insurance is highly recommended to cover any unforeseen delays or challenges during your trip. Isla Marisol is not responsible for any additional costs incurred (including boat transfers) by delays for any reason.

Relay all day-of-arrival changes to an Isla Marisol representative in Belize at 011-501-610-4204 or 001-501-522-0506

5 How can I pay?
  • * We accept payment through Wire Transfer or through a Credit Card Authorization Form.
  • *All payments are processed in Belize dollars at a rate of US$1 – BZ$2.
  • *Isla Marisol Resort is not responsible for any currency exchange rate variances or international processing fees applied by the banks or Credit Card Companies.
  • *We accept Credit  and Debit cards. (Visa / Mastercard)
  • *All rates are subject to change without notice.
  • *All rates are in USD and include all taxes and park fees.
  • *All rates are based on double occupancy in each cabana or quad occupancy in the reef houses.
6 Do I need trip insurance?

 We strongly recommend getting trip insurance. 

Last minute delays and changes sometimes happen to even the most prepared traveler. Isla Marisol strongly suggests purchasing comprehensive trip insurance to cover any unforeseen challenges, such as cancelled or delayed flights, acts of God, illness, injury, loss of baggage or personal items, or missed boat transfers. Isla Marisol is not responsible for any additional costs incurred (including boat transfers) by delays for any reason. 

b. Resort

1 What type of food is served at the resort?

 Kitchen staff prepare a variety of Belizean and American inspired dishes from fresh ingredients that highlight local and traditional specialties. Meals are served in the communal atmosphere of the dining room, and the dining experience is often mentioned as a vacation highlight. Attire is casual. The kitchen can accommodate almost any dietary allergies, restrictions, or strong preferences if Isla Marisol is informed during the booking process. Advance notice is essential to ensure the kitchen is equipped with whatever special ingredients are needed to meet dietary requests. Read more about our restaurant.

2 Is the water there potable?

Purified drinking water is purchased directly from the distributor and imported from mainland Belize. Drinking water is available 24/7 in the dining room. 

  • BRING A BOTTLE Each person is asked to bring a reusable water bottle, resulting in a significant waste reduction. Purified drinking water is always available, making refills easy!
3 Are hot/ cold showers available?

Isla Marisol uses low-flow faucets and shower heads, and features natural landscaping that requires no irrigation. Take it one step further by taking ship showers (water is shut off while sudsing and turned on to rinse) to conserve water. Don’t need fresh sheets or towels? Let housekeeping know! This minimizes the amount of water used for laundry.

Fresh water on a tropical island is worth its weight in gold. Every accommodation at Isla Marisol is equipped with hot fresh water for bathing. To conserve water, each unit provides approximately 5 minutes of hot water before requiring approximately 5 minutes to reheat. This is ample time for ship showers in which water is turned off during sudsing and turned on to rinse. Isla Marisol Resort is not equipped to provide unlimited hot water.

4 Do you have 24/7 electricity?

Around-the-clock 110v electricity is available using a combination of solar power, wind power, and diesel generator power. Solar and wind generation systems provide the main power for everyday needs. Diesel generators are in place to back up the solar and wind systems as necessary. If you are traveling from the US or Canada, no special plug or adaptor is necessary. As part of an energy conservation effort, Isla Marisol has installed compact fluorescent light bulbs resort-wide. Please turn off fans, lights, and unplug electronics when not in use to conserve energy.

5 Is Air Conditioning (A.C.) available in the rooms?

Air conditioning is available upon request. As part of an energy conservation effort, air conditioning is only available from approximately 7PM to 6AM.

6 Is WiFi available?

Complimentary wireless internet access is available in the dining room and office. The signal is fair, and sufficient for email, basic internet browsing, and using message apps. The signal is not robust enough to download large files or stream video. Please download any books, music, or movies prior to arriving at Isla Marisol. Internet outages occasionally occur, though on a good day the signal is strong enough to send and receive calls using VOIP apps.

c. Beach

1 Can you snorkle form the beach?


2 Can you swim from the beach?


3 Can I fish from the beach?


4 Is there a beach?


5 How far is the beach from the cabañas/ rooms?

Many of our rooms or cabañas are on the beach. The other  cabañas are only a few feet away!

d. Services

1 Can I have my wedding at Isla Marisol Resort?
2 Can I have my vows renewed at Isla Marisol Resort?
3 Do you offer massages upon request?

We need atleast one week notice.

4 Do you offer babysitting services?

For guests travelling with small children, we do offer babysitting services should they decide to go diving.

e. Policies

1 What is your cancellation policy?
  • For cancellations 120 or more days prior to arrival date, a $100 fee per person  will be deducted from your deposit and the remaining balance will be refunded.

  • 60-119 days prior to arrival date, a $200 fee per person will be deducted from your deposit and the remaining balance will be refunded

  • 31-59 days prior to arrival a refund of 50% on package cost will be refunded.

  • 1-30 days prior to arrival date, no refund however you will receive a credit of 60% for future stay within a one year period based on availability.

To View all our policies, click here.

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