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Belize and Covid

During the worlds struggle with this pandemic, our Belize Dive Resort wants to assure all of you, we have taken ever step to become a Gold Standard Tourism Location beach resort. We all take this very seriously and offer total freedom from worry while staying at Isla Marisol Resort beach resort. Come out and Kayak and diving or snorkel and spend the day fishing.

f. Covid-19

1 What are the requirements to travel to Belize?

As of July 14th, 2022 Belize has lifted all Covid-19 entry requirements.

* No Mask are required
* No Vaccination Cards are required
* No Test is required
* Belize Travel Insurance is now optional.

The Ministry of Health provides an optional travelers insurance: Belize Travel Insurance policy which costs $18US per person. This policy provides you with financial protection and peace of mind while enjoying your vacation, but more importantly, it provides coverage for medical treatment if needed.

Isla Marisol Resort is unable to purchase this policy on your behalf, but you can attain the permit at the Belize Airport once you land. Isla Marisol will remain available to assist you as necessary.

2 What Covid-19 tests are needed to re-enter the U.S.A. and Canada?

The Centers for Disease Control no longer requires a COVID-19 test in order to return to the United States, as of June 12, 2022.

Fully vaccinated travelers entering Canada by land, air, or water no longer require tests to be taken as of April 1, 2022.


3 Do I need to wear a mask on my trip?

As of March 1, 2022, mask wearing is not required for outdoor spaces. When indoors and in closed spaces and utilizing public transportation, masks are mandatory.

For travel, check with your airline for their rules regarding masks on international flights.

4 What happens if I start to experience symptoms on my trip?

If you start to exhibit any Covid-like symptoms, immediately notify the Resort Office and we will implement the Covid Response Plan. Should you test positive while at the resort, you will be required to quarantine at your Accommodation for 5 days. If this quarantine surpasses your original accommodation stay, you will be required to pay for the accommodation extension. You can then file a claim with your insurance of the expenses incurred.

The Belize Travel Health Insurance covers expenses incurred due to COVID-19 diagnosis during your stay.

For more information on what the Belize Travel Insurance provides, kindly visit the following link: HERE

5 Before travelling:

Isla Marisol strongly suggests purchasing comprehensive trip insurance to cover any unforeseen challenges, such as cancelled or delayed flights, acts of God, illness, injury, loss of baggage or personal items, or missed boat transfers. Isla Marisol is not responsible for any additional costs incurred (including boat transfers) by delays for any reason.

Belize Travel Insurance is currently required by the Ministry of Health and covers medical services during your stay in Belize and expenses related to quarantining.

6 Additional Information

As Belize prepares for a potential reopening, the Belize Tourism Board has created a “Tourism Gold Standard” Recognition program to enhance Tour Operators for the safety of travelers. These new protocols are focused on enhanced tour operator sanitation practices, social interactions, workplace policies and standard operating procedures, while ensuring minimal impact on the guest experience. The 9-Point program introduces enhanced health and safety standards for tour operators by adapting new behaviors to ensure both travelers and employees are confident in the cleanliness and safety of tour experiences.

Tourism Gold Standard Tour Operators are those that:


  1. Have a “Gold Standard Program Manager” who implements protocols and ensures compliance.
  2. Implement Monitoring & Reporting – to conduct non-invasive temperature checks and utilize the Ministry of Health App.
  3. Ensure Social Distancing protocols for workers and visitors.
  4. Implement enhanced cleaning & sanitization procedures such as increased disinfection of common areas, face masks, and personal protective equipment (PPE) for employees, visitors, and guests.
  5. Have a response plan should there be any suspected cases.
  6. Ensure clear and consistent communication with employees and guests.
  7. Have sanitization stations.
  8. Have digital technologies for transactions and online bookings.
  9. Implement a training plan for employees to ensure preparedness to manage new protocols.

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