Isla Marisol Resort

Trolling – Half Day (2 Anglers)



Isla Marisol Resort offers full-day and half-day guided sport fishing and deep sea fishing trips suitable for all ages and abilities.

Troll outside the perimeter of the atoll for kingfish, wahoo, and barracuda, among others. Try for snapper, grouper and tuna with live bait, lionfish and hogfish on spear, and marlin and sailfish with the right gear. Trolling is typically best in the morning starting around 5am and in the afternoon starting around 4am.

What it includes:
✓ Guide
✓ Boat
✓ Packed lunch for full day trips
✓ Packed Breakfast for early morning trips
✓ Water , sodas, juices
✓ Fruits
✓ Bait (if needed)

Not included:
✓ Fishing rods
✓ Lures
✓ Spin tackles
✓ Gloves

We ask that all Fishermen bring their own rods , lures, fishing equipment’s etc.

If you’d like recommendations or information on the best fishing equipment’s needed, please send all
questions via a message here and we will get you in contact with our experienced fishing guides.

What to bring:
➢ High Top flat boots or tennis shoes
➢ Light weight long sleeve shirts
➢ UV Polarized sunglasses
➢ Fishermen hat / cap
➢ Gaiters
➢ Sun Screen

Fishing Gear Rental Trolling rods (50lbs) and lures: $25 half-day/$40 full-day
Spinning tackles (20lbs) and lures: $15 half-day/$25 full-day
Kindly inquire about gear rental at Resort Front Desk.

This package is for 1 individual. If you wish to buy this package for more than one person, kindly indicate it next to cart button.


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