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Over the Water Bar

Over the Water Bar

Over the Water Bar


120 feet down the pier is the infamous “Over-The-Water Bar”


Panoramic ocean views, enormous fish schools swimming underneath, and stellar company make the Over-The-Water Bar an unforgettable part of every Isla Marisol experience. The bar is stocked with local and imported libations to suit most tastes. Cold beers, frosty blended drinks, and local rum mixed with fresh coconut water are island favorites. A variety of non-alcoholic beverages are also available.

On most afternoons people gather at the bar to swap stories and watch the setting sun. The cordial atmosphere is enjoyable and safe for everyone, including children. Often the staff and locals from neighboring islands will join the festive atmosphere and share tidbits of Belizean culture. Lucky guests might catch live Garifuna drumming and singing, or an impromptu Punta dance lesson.

Please note that bar charges are not included in any package. Items purchased at the bar including sodas, snacks, and tee-shirts, are considered bar charges. You may bring outside alcohol to the island with no corkage fee.

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