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Fly Fishing at Glover’s Reef

Fly Fishing at Glover’s Reef

Saltwater Fly Fishing at Glover’s Reef Atoll



Isla Marisol Resort offers full-day and half-day guided fly fishing trips and instruction suitable for all ages and abilities. At Isla Marisol Resort, fishers only travel short distances to expansive reef flats ideal for spotting bonefish and permits. Experienced guides assist fishers in locating the target, and it is certainly possible for anglers to hit a “grand slam”, landing permit, bonefish, and tarpon in just one day.

Fly Fishing Packages

Fly Fishing for bonefish is great at any time of day, even for novice fishers. Expansive reef flats around Isla Marisol are ideal for stalking the huge schools of permit, which exist in huge schools, though they are easily spooked and known which have the well-deserved reputation of being to be the most challenging fish to land at Glover’s Reef. Timing the tides correctly is the key to hooking permit. Barracuda on the fly is also a favorite but remember to use a braided leader or their sharp teeth might slice the leader.

Fishing packages include a boat with fuel, guide, and lunch on request. Rental equipment is available, though experienced fishers often prefer furnishing their own.

Fishing Gear Rental

Fly rods and flies: $15 half-day/$25 full-day




Based on 2 fishers.



Single Fisher

Single fishers incur a 50% supplement fee.




Based on 2 fishers. Accommodation not included.


Includes 6 full days of fishing.
Rates are in US$ and include private boat transfers, fishing guides, water, juices and packed lunches if requested. See policies.
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