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Conservation Diving

Conservation Diving

Conservation Diving



Isla Marisol Resort leads diving tours geared toward protecting marine life on Glover's Reef. More info coming soon.

Diver Expectations

  • Divers must present a dive certification card and complete a liability release prior to diving.
  • Divers are required to demonstrate the ability to set up a full set of gear prior to the first dive.
  • Divers are asked to rinse personal gear, including wet suits, fins, mask and snorkels at the end of the dive day.  BC’s, regulators, tanks, and weights will be taken care of by Isla Marisol staff, who will set up and break down equipment and prepare gears for subsequent diving.
  • Divers should pay attention during all dive briefings and adhere to the dive profiles and time limits outlined by the Divemaster.  Divers who use a personal dive computer are asked to consult first with the Divemaster if planning to dive a different profile.
  • Divers are responsible for checking dive tables, and staying within the limits of the dive table.  No decompression diving.  If a diver enters decompression, they may not be able to dive again for the remainder of the day.
  • Divers are expected to utilize the buddy system.  If a diver has no buddy then they will dive with the Divemaster.  No solo diving.
  • All dives are drift dives with boat and captain above following the divers' bubbles.
  • Divers must wait 18-24 hours after diving before flying.

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